What’s up guys?

So as you know, for almost 2 weeks I was around Sicily doing a little vacation trip where I was the perfect tourist (meaning like I was visiting pretty much all the time, with of course a few breaks between!).

So first of all, I stayed in Brucoli (40 kms from Catania) at the Hotel Venus Sea Garden.
We booked our trip on a french website after a long check of a lot of places. We finally booked that one and I can only say that it was the right choose.

I didn’t wanna be inside of a city with a lot of people. It was my first vacation (with a total personal break) so I was searching for peace and calm. Away from people, kids, tourists and this kind of things
The hotel offer such a great view, we had the chance to see amazing sunsets, rainbows and even the storm. The hotel is on the top of the rocks and if you want to, you can have a little hike down on the rocks to appreciate sunsets and get tanned close to the water, or you can just relax at the pool with some music and a little bar.






The food was good and diversified. We had a half pension menu (because we had only one meal a day at the hotel) and we could try a mix of different food. They had amazing pizzas! The best I actually had during the trip 😛 We also tried the “A la carte” menu, we had some amazing grilled fishes with a few dishes on the side, lot of food, really good and perfect with a view like that.


The staff was amazing with us, really accommodated and helpful. And even if the hotel was full, we didn’t even feel it. The area was big enough to let space to everyone. The pool was small and quiet, it was great to chill over there, drinking coffee and laying on a chair after a long day of visit. Well, it sounds like the perfect holiday right?

See what’s next, because we didn’t only stay here! I’ll explain you everything!

First stop : Syracuse / Ortigia

So we took the car and drove for 45 minutes to finally get to Syracuse. We parked the car in the city and started to walk around (that’s my way to visit even if I have to walk a lot. Remember 10000steps a day!).

I had 3 things to do in my plan. The first was the Teatro Greco at the entrance of Ortigia. I’m not going to talk about the history of all of the places I went to (I guess you know how to use google😋).


Ortigia is the historic part of Syracuse, the architecture is old and beautiful, the streets are really small and you feel like in a small village. We went to the Duomo and walked around to find the Diana fountain and appreciate some sea views (see the pics below).



Second stop : Taormina

Taormina is the little Saint Tropez of Sicily. The village is on the top of the mountains and kind of look like Ortigia. The restaurants and hotels are just much more expensive.

We went to the old Teatro Antico (that is the best to do up there, for the history and also the views (pics)

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After that part of the history, we spent time walking around the little streets and many shops, passed by the Duomo (where the fountain is) and finally got some lunch.

We finally decided to get some tan and went down to the beach (with the telepheric to Mazzaro). We chose to go and see first Isola Bella (beautiful but rocky and way too packed) and found an other beach after a little walk.


Just to explain, we were doing one visiting day and then one break day at the hotel (or in the area). So we were out 6 days and 6 days doing nothing (the vacation feeling!).

Third stop : Necropolis of Pantalica

This place was amazing! Such a hard way to get there (80 kms from our hotel with almost 50 turning around the mouyains) but a great result.

Pantalica is a natural reserv with grottoes, tracks and a natural river at the bottom (where we had a “swim” all alone). We walked for 2/3 hours up and down on the rocks and decided to end the day at the river to relax before the way back. A long hike, a good thing for your cardio and then the beast award : the swim 💦

Fourth stop : The Etna Mount

Well, that was alcually the thing we were expected to do everyday but the weather up there was too charged all the time and we finally could hike it.

So we took a telepheric and then a car to go at 3300 meters high. We lost about 10/12 degrees!

And it’s incredible!!! Walking on a vulcano (still on activity, the last small eruption was in May 2016) is such an amazing experience. We took a guide with a group to go on the top of the crater and I was just bluffed.

Seeing the smoke who could make an activity at any time was one of the best experience of my life. I’m just telling to look at the pics to give you an idea…


Well we walked back down for about a hour and took the telepheric ready to drive again to the hotel.
I know how the pictures look insane and you can’t imagine in real but it was such a great experience, definitely something to do if you visit Sicilia.

Did you say food?

We’ve got to try a few places over our trip. Breakfast was served between 7 and 10 in the morning so we had every day breakfast in front of the sea. And minimum once a day we had lunch or diner at the hotel (we booked a half pension). BUT we tried a place in each city we stopped by.

I just share with you a few pictures with the addresses if you need (the reviews are on TripAdvisor!).

BRUCOLI – I Rizzari

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

BRUCOLI – Al Castello

ORTIGIA – Gelateria Belbon


TAORMINA – Mamma Rosa


NOTO – Picnic

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We spent 10 days and it wasn’t enough! At least if you wanna have some breaks, it’s good to take 2 weeks to pay a visit a all these wonderful places.

Hope you liked it, feel free to share and comment! One love!



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