Here we go guys!

2016, a new fashion trendy year started!

I can’t believe Paris is still warm, we can feel the wind, over your neck, but coats and big scarves are still in the closet. Well, be careful if you leave here it will be cold and rainy this week!
The key to stay warm in this kind of weather is the choose of the sweater. Usually, a small jacket is needed so choose something hot under it. And be careful with the color you are going for.

This wonderful suede jacket doesn’t fit everything and the texture should be shown, so choose the right one. For my opinion, Grey and suede (kinda brown) with a raw jean are a great mix.

It’s an in between season look and perfect for work days. Casual but a little bit chic with the suede touch. Hope you’ll like it and adopt it!

I’ve partnered with Asos France for this outfit, check out their website and get a piece, I’m sure you’ll find something 🙂




  1. neonhoang

    hey nicolas, i’m thinking buying a suede jacket from asos like you too.Can you tell me what color of the suede did you buy ? They have beige and tobacco options, but i just want the one that you were wearing, so can you tell me which one that you bought pleaseee :(((

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