You may seem it already but I posted a full look by Adidas 2 days ago! Sales just started here and great deals are on the top!Adidas is back in the market for a while, and in the meantime they are on the top sellers with master pieces (Stan Smith are everywhere around Paris, Superstars are back too).

Well, my outfit is all about Adidas. Only the jean (by Zara) is not from the actual collection.

Coat, Sweater, beanie and shoes Adidas. 

The coat is from their special collection NEO, this is so far my favourite pieces from the whole store.

Adidas is usually sporty, joggers and sweaters, but recently they renewed and made differents styles, lifestyle, loose fit for skateboarders.

I love to use Adidas on weekends, casual for meetings, comfortable to stay home. Perfect way to mix the styles. 

Here is a mix of colors with the black classic sweater “Skateboarding” (on sale right now!!), the brown coat from “NEO” and of course the basic Stan Smith shoes!

Shop them all on or on my Flayr profil!




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