It’s always complicated to describe yourself.

First of all, I’m a french model. I’m based in Paris with Elite Models. I’m doing modeling for 5 years now, and I traveled pretty much everywhere (but I still need to go to South America and doing more in Asia). I started to do photography over America, the lights are totally different than the one you can find in France or the places I was working in Europe. I just got into it, and now it’s on me, I need to take moments and have at least my phone to take pictures.

You can see my photography work here : www.santossimoes.com

About blogging, it just came like this. A model needs to take care of his look so I wanted to share how I try to mix clothes, accessories and whatever I grab every day. I hope you’ll follow this, and that my inspirations will help you as well.

All my fashion and photography inspirations are in my Pinterest.

Enjoy and big love.