I wanted to share with you today my experience as a model too. Some of you asked me what is a day for a model?

Today I will explain how it works for us during a job out of your city. I flyied yesterday night from Paris to Hamburg and got picked up at the airport by a driver. 

I arrived around 9pm at the hotel. I had the chance to stay at the 25hours hotel by myself, who invited me to try their hotel a few weeks ago (usually the client books you a night). 

Great welcoming, nice people, I loved the modern design in the lobby. The room is ready for the client with a cool dressing on the bed (look at the picture under). Quiet and cosy, perfect for a night. 

I went to work at 8 and starting the “makeup time”. You always have at least 20/25 minutes to get you ready. Someone does your hair and your make up, then you are good to shoot. Today was an ecommerce shooting. You know the guys you see on your favourite websites like ASOS, GAP or the others? That’s us, and today was me for the German brand Esprit.

I was done around 5 and went right after the shooting to the airport. Waiting for a taxi, checking again at the airport security and Let’s go home! Next stop Paris ✈️🇫🇷 








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