As you already read before, I had worked recently with Diesel for there new watches collection.Diesel is one of the oldest brand that I wear (I still have a pair of jeans from college!).

Today is about their special piece, the bombers from the Spring16 collection.

Bombers don’t fit everyone. It was a little punk jacket before, it became an accessorise for hipsters in 2015. This kind of jacket makes your body a little bit bigger, so it’s better to be tall or thin to use it. It’s a big jacket, this one from Diesel is perfect for the Parisian weather. It’s warm but can fit under a coat as well!

It became a famous piece last year when designers took them back in fashion.

For the story, bombers was on the top when the brand Schott commercialised it in the 90’s. You could find them in a lot of movies and old aviation movies.

This one has huge pockets and a big on the side, great for your moto rides!

I mixed this piece with a basic raw jean and a black tee from Zara and the French favourite shoes, the Stan Smith by Adidas!

Whether dressed up or down, this is the must-own style to buy for the new season.

Check online the whole Diesel collection!



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