I’m writing from Gothenburg (Sweden), where I’m working with my favourite Nelly team.
It’s freezing here, and it’s giving me the feeling that autumn is extended in Paris as well (NY was still warm when I left in December, I let you imagine…).

Today, I’m letting you discover for the second time the Diesel Ironside, part the new watches collection and, on the same occasion, one of my favourite outfits (in general).
Sure, I admit Diesel watches are a little bit big, as you can see on the pic 2, but they are following the same trend than new technologies.


It looks like a small electronic device, with beautiful little pieces inside, made with steel and a strong leather bracelet. Don’t wear it with something really chic, like a suit, or a shirt.
Let it marry with the same style. Casual, modern, even basic ! It’s the kind of watch you want people to see. I chose one of my favourite sweaters by H&M. Grey is so far the color to wear in my opinion. Dark, light, tees, shirts, jeans… It’s so easy to wear with anything ! A basic raw Jean by Levis (with the new 501ct fit) and a pair of VANS leather sneakers.

The price is worth it : 275$ on the Diesel website. It’s modern, and the Ironside has been seen in a lot of movies.
Have a look, you won’t lose your time!

Watch it!



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