Well, I was around New York, getting some new stuffs for my camera and I met my good friend Kara Nixon. We know each other from LA where we shot twice last year. You will be able to see some of our pics in a new gallery soon 🙂

I wanted to shoot a little the look I had, I thought it could match perfectly with my blog.
So of course she got a few shots for me.

I’m wearing some of my favorite brands, a grey jean that I got from GAP, why grey? Because there was no lights outside, so far for me, it means dark outfit. Grey, black, blue marine, or raw jean but a dark pant. A little piece of white with my tee from Blue Garage mixed with this River Island dark grey jacket!
Go for black boots to break that grey.

image3 image2

Simple right? Confortable, rain or sun, it works! Don’t forget that this white tee break the look and makes the difference. White tee works with EVERYTHING! Under a jacket, with a suit, on top of every pants…

Try this as soon as possible!


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