This morning, I wanted to do some shopping, so I went to the famous Broadway in Soho.
There are tones of shops down there. Famous brands as H&M, Zara and the one you all know, designers and many shoes shops. I got lunch at one of my favorite sushi place in New York, BOND Street and I had to shoot this look in that street.

First of all, denim is on trend this season. I love wearing them because it’s confortable, it’s perfect to walk in the street and chill over a coffee terrace.

And it’s easy to mix with almost everything. Sweaters, jackets, coats, it works!

The basic jean shirt is from LEVIS (one of my favorite from them by the way). I thought it was a cool way to be “original” to mix that with a black outfit. A black jean also from Levis and a hoodie by H&M. I’m not a huge fan of skinny jeans because I’m a way too big on my hips so I think it doesn’t look good one me. So I’m usually going for a slim or regular fit (slim for this one), you need to be comfy in your pant, get the right fit, it makes you more confident with your look!

The hoodie is a classic, always go for simple colors (start with black, then grey and eventually marine blue) especially when it comes to the basics that we wear a lot (jackets, coats, trousers).

Holes on the knees, bottom of the pant rolled, a belt, some black boots (mine are Aldo’s ) and you’re good to go!
And you know, I love accessories, jewels, beanies…
I need to get my look accessorized, here with my favorite sunglasses brand where I’m now an ambassador.
I’ll post something soon about that but you can already check the collection here : TRIWA.
IMG_9284 IMG_9288
Stay tuned and see what’s next!

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