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IMG_4124.jpgHey hey!

I wanna present you one of my new favorite app, that a lot of you guys may already know.

Runtastic is used by million of people over the world and they just launched their new Runtastic Results app. I’m using it now for a long time and I had the chance to be one of the first to use the latest.

I love to workout at home, using body weight (push up, pull ups, TRX, weights…) and you can put on the music, feeling free to make it loud and doesn’t matter about neighbors!

The Runtastic Results app helps you to find new exercices to practice and it propose workout plans, personal training, it tries to fit you as best as possible.
You need to enter all your informations (age, gender, weight…), the app will test you with a few exercices and create a workout plan adapted for you, it’s amazing!

If you guys are already training, it’s a great complement to your fitness or activity routine.
You can use it once a week to change a little bit the gym habits.

The weekend is coming, it’s time to get started! I know it’s hard to train by yourself, but if you follow the voice and get into it, you’ll love it. At least, don’t give up and have a try!

Check the following here to learn about the app :

Download is possible for both IOS and Android, no excuses!
I’ll post soon something about my workout routine.


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